Making complex issues clear as day.

I am a freelance editor and writer who works with organizations leading the way in global development and sustainability.

I have one task: to make your work clear, interesting, and useful to experts and newcomers alike.

This means translating data and complex, often difficult issues into stories that people understand and care about.

This is what I do:

Breathe life into publications with clear, plain and engaging language

Turn complex technical text into an easy read

Whittle bulky training and communications materials into lightweight, people-friendly packages

Write and edit for international audiences

Copy edit like the wind

I am also a global development and sustainability specialist, so when it comes to your content, I get it. I have particular experience in food and agriculture, reproductive health, financial inclusion and digital financial services, climate and sustainable finance, climate change, and a range of environmental issues.

Whether you need a meeting report, conference newsletter, or a copy edit of a case study, I can help.

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